Workout Tips Menu for Seniors

It’s done in 30 minutes! workout tips for seniors This menu is a total training method for the lower body, core and upper body using dumbbells and body weight.

Workout Tips In 30 Minutes At Home

Motivation is self-Remodeling!
Lately I’ve been getting a sense of fulfillment and happiness from the fact that I’ve been training regularly.

If you’ve never been in the habit of exercising, this is your chance to gradually acclimate your body to the idea of building a powerful body!


Many researchers have published new discoveries on the subject of health promotion. I will try to update this muscle training menu to incorporate these new findings as they come in.

As the author of the menu, I still continue to do strength training once a week, or three times every two weeks if I can afford it. The desire to exercise does not diminish as we age. This is because I believe that strength training is an essential habit to maintain the various functions of the body.
Once a week for muscle mass maintenance, at least twice a week or three times every two weeks for muscle building.

The gym is also not a bad place to socialize and stimulate each other. Also, getting the results you want with the guidance of a good trainer is something only a gym can offer.
However, going to the gym requires a reasonable amount of time.

“I don’t want to spend time running from home to the gym and back!” “I want to train my muscles quickly and efficiently! If you are looking for a quick and efficient way to train your muscles, this is the one for you.

Features of home strength training menu with body weightand dumbbells

If you are a student, you will have opportunities to exercise such as physical education classes and club activities, but if you are a working adult, you will most likely not have such opportunities.

If your daily job requires you to spend most of your time at a desk, driving a car, or teleworking without moving, then you need to do something to exercise regularly.

It is recommended that you do something that you enjoy, whether it is playing baseball or swimming. Strength training, which is also done by sports professionals, is a form of exercise that can have a great effect on the body if done comprehensively.

This muscle training menu uses two types of loads: body weight and dumbbells. It is designed so that many people can easily do it indoors.
Please consult your physician before performing any exercise that may be unhealthy for your body. Please exercise at your own risk. We are not responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur during exercise.


What to supply

Muscle Training Menu


Squat thigh muscles, gluteus maximus, etc.

Spine and calves

Abdominal and oblique muscles

Push-ups – pectoralis major, triceps, etc.

Finishing the pectoral muscles

Triceps, deltoid and trapezius muscles

Arm curls – biceps

Around the neck

Recommended Dumbbells


What do you do strength training for? After all, it’s to make your muscles thicker and more exciting, right?


In order to make the muscles in the desired area bigger and thicker, you must always reach a pump-up during muscle training.
Strength training with a load that can manage to go up 10 times is the way to get pumped up quickly.
For arm curls, it would be around 15KG with dumbbells.
10 repetitions is the limit = 10RM (repetition maximum) load
The rule of thumb is to weigh enough to make the third one painful.
In terms of body weight training, 10 Handstand-push-ups is just right for me.

【How Pump Up Works】

When exercising above a certain load, the muscle cells break down and grow once.
Then they’er repaired and prepared for the next time the same load is applied.
And when you get used to the same load, it becomes insufficient. Muscles are able to withstand even heavier loads.
This is how muscle training makes your muscles bigger and thicker.

Once you are satisfied that your muscle mass is sufficient, continue strength training once a week or so without increasing the load.
That’s about all you need to do to maintain muscle mass. If you stop, your muscles will start to lose weight.
Muscle maintenance does not have to be muscle training. It is recommended to play some sports such as baseball, swimming, tennis, etc.

What to supply

【Take before muscle training】Take a tablespoon of flaxseed oil (or olive oil), which promotes fat burning, with your meal before muscle training.
Even on non-training days, it is recommended to consume flaxseed oil (or olive oil) during the day.
It also thins the blood, eases allergy symptoms, and increases good cholesterol.

【Take after muscle training】Research has shown that eating protein and sugar within 30 minutes after training helps increase muscle mass efficiently.
It makes sense for bodybuilders to bite a steak right after a workout.
You can dissolve the protein and drink it, or you can eat marshmallows or add sugar to milk and drink it.
The carbohydrates you consume after exercise do not turn into fat (are not taken up by fat cells), but help to increase muscle mass (increase muscle cell size).
Research has shown that insulin, which is secreted when blood sugar levels rise, helps with this.
If you are concerned about your blood sugar level, do some muscle training before meals.
If you eat within 30 minutes after muscle training, you’ll naturally get your protein (meat, fish, beans, etc.) sugar (rice, flavored).
(NHK TV program「ためしてガッテン」”Tameshite-Gatten”)

The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you can metabolize and the less likely you are to gain weight.
It is also recommended for women because it prevents heat stroke and coldness.

This dumbbell and body weight strength training menu is a quick and easy way to train indoors in 30 minutes.

If you do only one part of a strength training menu (except for abs and thighs) at a time, you may damage your muscles.
Please do all the menus in the order listed as much as possible.
The number of times listed is only a guide. Please adjust the number of times as needed to make it easier to follow.

warm-up ☞ lower-body ☞ spine ☞ abs ☞ upper-body

※Training your back muscles before upper body training will enhance your performance.

Split training is acceptable.

Total muscle training in one session will give you a pleasant sense of fatigue and accomplishment.
However, if you tend to get fatigued on a daily basis, you can take it easy and enjoy your own muscle training by dividing your work into the parts you want to perform.

Even in this case, a proper warm-up is essential. Before you start, do some exercises like radio gymnastics to get your body used to it.

Split Training Menu


Radio gymnastics is a great way to warm up, as it allows you to move and stretch your entire body.
One-position jogging (on the spot) and climbing stairs are also good warm-ups to raise your body temperature and heart rate as they use your thigh muscles.


【Boxing-style preparatory exercises】
Fold your hands lightly, step out with one leg and twist at the waist. Bend your entire back toward your stepped out knee and lower your upper body.
Breathe deeply and slowly, three times on each side. Open your shoulder blades and stretch your back muscles.

Squat thigh muscles, gluteus maximus, etc.


【SQUAT】Open your legs wider than shoulder-width apart, thrust your hips out behind you so that your knees are no further forward than your toes, and lower your knees until they are about 90 degrees, and then return.
If you want to add more weight, you can use a dumbbell. This will work your gluteus maximus and hamstrings (the back of your thighs).

You can also jump in this position without dumbbells, which will also work your calves and back muscles.

Another variation is to jump from a one-legged stance and reverse the leg you are stepping on (split jump).

Spine and calves

After squatting and breathing, swing one leg up behind you. As you lift your heel and swing your leg back, hold it and extend it as if you were kicking it once. 10 times on each side.


【CORE】From the all fours position, extend your right hand straight ahead and simultaneously extend your left leg backward. Do the same for the left leg in the opposite direction, 10 times each.

【Spine is important.】Strengthening your back muscles will improve your posture. And there is a concentration of parasympathetic nerves around the back muscles.
The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for repairing fatigue and damage, and activating internal organ functions.
The back muscles have a very important influence on our health. If you have back pain, I would like you to strengthen your back muscles and surrounding muscles as much as possible.
You can overcome a little pain. (Because I could.)

【Finishing the spine】From a prone position with arms and legs outstretched, lift both arms and legs (up to the knees) at the same time for one set of 15 repetitions.

It is also good to fix your toes in a space under a bed, sofa, or TV stand.


Abdominal and oblique muscles

Start in a push-up position, then take turns doing Spider-Man with one leg at a time, knees outward, up-tempo, for 30 sets.


【Oblique abdominal muscle, quadratus lumborum muscle 1】
On your side, support your body with one hand in the shape of a triangular ruler, raise your upper leg, sink your lower back and curve your side, and then return. 15 times, 1 set on each side.

【Oblique abdominal muscle, quadratus lumborum muscle 2】
Stand upright with a dumbbell in one hand, lower the dumbbell in the other hand, and bend your upper body to the side (stretching the abdominal obliques of the side you are not holding) and return.

【rectus abdominis muscle 1】
On your back, bend your knees and raise your upper body so that your hands come from your thighs to your knees and back. Keep your shoulders off the floor and do two to three sets of ten slowly and continuously.


There are many variations of sit-ups. You can do them with the soles of your feet together, knees open, and hands above your head for a greater range of motion.

【rectus abdominis muscle 2】level up
Hold a dumbbell in each hand with the soles of the feet together and the knees open as if you were sitting cross-legged. Hold one dumbbell in each hand. Raise your upper body up and back while keeping your arms extended. Effective for the upper part of the rectus abdominis. 2 to 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Push-ups – pectoralis major, triceps, etc.


【Wrestler’s push-up】Hands should be shoulder-width apart, legs shoulder-width apart, hips up, shoulders down, as straight a line as possible from hips to hands. The basic posture is supported by the muscles of the arms and shoulders. As you lower, bend your upper body forward and back.
When the upper body sinks, the pectoral muscles are loaded. When you step back, turn your face sideways alternately to the left and right to further work the pectoral muscles (the head is quite heavy). 2 sets of 20 repetitions
After each set, swing your arms wide to loosen up.

Push-up equipment

Two sets of 20 repetitions, but the equipment you want to use for the second set.
This will subtly change the point of load from a regular push-up (push-up).
By changing the hand position of the push-up from the regular position (karate fist), to the figure-eight position, to the vertical parallel position, to the inverted figure-eight position, you can change the area of the pectoral muscle that is loaded.
※ Can be substituted with iron arrays, etc.

The height of the equipment allows for a deeper range of motion.


Finishing the pectoral muscles


After push-ups, this workout concentrates on the pectoral muscles.
It’s a method similar to a cable crossover on a gym machine.
The power vector is almost the same and quite effective.
Grasping the edge of the stool seat, place your weight on one side of the stool while focusing on your pectoral muscles, and sink your body. Alternate sides, 20 times.


latissimus dorsi muscle


Kneel down, put one hand on the desk top, extend your arms out to the sides, and sink your upper body (simultaneously stretching your pectoral muscles) 10-15 times with both hands.

Pull-ups if you have bars!

Finishing the triceps brachii muscle


【Reverse push-ups】Stand on your head while lightly supporting the wall with your feet in a place where you can stand on your head safely.
Keep your hands a little wider than shoulder-width apart and lower them as far as possible, then bring them back. Usually about 10 times. Once you get used to it, you can do two sets of ten.
Do not overdo it, keer safely!

【One-handed push-ups】Do a one-handed push-up position with your legs wide open, and hold out your free hand upward, face toward that hand.
Bend your arms with your elbows open and sink down as far as you can, about 4-5 times on each side.

Jason Statham (Army style?) Amazing variations on the push-up

Deltoid muscle, trapezius muscle

Lift a dumbbell straight up from a one-handed carrying position. If the weight is heavy enough, do one set of ten.
Holding a dumbbell in one hand, bend over and pull up from the elbow.
If you have a back injury, don’t bend over. Close your arms and do one set of 10 on each side.
Open the sides for another set.
* Pulling it up from a deep position with the arm extended (longer stroke) will help you concentrate on the arm curl that follows.

【Side raise】Hold a dumbbell in one or both hands and hold it up slightly more open than at a right angle and hold it still.
The key is to have enough weight on the dumbbells. Hold them up for about 5 seconds. 2 sets.


【Shrug】Hold dumbbells with both hands (or hold the ends of dumbbells with both hands) and pull both shoulders up and back at the same time, keeping arms down. 2 sets of 15 repetitions


biceps brachii muscl


【Arm cur】Hold the dumbbell with one hand. Bend your wrist inward slightly, don’t bend it outward.
Pull up slowly (count 1,2,3 at a slow pace) Lower down slowly too. Weight (15KG or more, 1-2 sets of 10 times)
(NHK TV program「ためしてガッテン」”Tameshite-Gatten” 筋肉でカラダ若返り! Rejuvenate your body with muscle! Associate Professor Michiya Tanimoto, Kinki Universit

【Without curl】This is a muscle training method that does not involve curling the arm
After a shrug, for example, drop the dumbbell forward from shoulder height to the side of the body with the elbow bent at a right angle. If you have enough dumbbell weight, it will be as effective as pumping up. 2 sets of about 5 times on each side

forearm muscles

With arms down, hold dumbbells and rotate horizontally clockwise and counterclockwise. At the final point, your grip will naturally tighten. 2 sets of 20 rotations.

【Wrist curl】How to fix your elbows on your knees and move the gripped dumbbells to your fingertips and back and forth with a firm grip position
You can do it any way you like.

Around the neck


Muscle training around the neck is also part of the central axis of the body. It is important for core training. There are two ways to do this: isometrics and using the weight of the head as a load. Both are done while looking in a mirror.
【Around the neck 1】In an upright position, apply the load with your hands from all directions without stopping to breathe.
(1) Return to the front (by holding your forehead or chin) and look down.
(2) Directly to the side (hold the part just above the ear with the opposite hand and tilt it back with resistance)
(3) Return diagonally back (holding your head from above with the opposite hand from the front), facing diagonally down.
(4) Directly behind you (holding the back of your head with both hands palms together), lower your head back down.
(5) Support your temples with your fingers to add resistance to the turning movement.
Hold the top of your head in the palm of your hand, respectively, and bring it back while adding resistance. Return slowly from side to side (about 10 seconds), 10 times each.

【Around the neck 2】Perform the exercise on a low table or desk. The weight of the human head is about 8% of the body weight, which is about 5 to 6 kg.
※ Be careful, some people may get motion sickness. Slowly.
With your shoulders outside the top board, turn your head straight up and down in a supine position 16 times
Lower back diagonally and return. 8 times each side.
Place a mirror where you can see it, lay your upper body down, antimesd lower and raise your head to the side while checking in the mirror 16
Same on the other side, 16 times.
Next, lie on your stomach and lower your head straight down and up 16 times.
Finally, lower and raise diagonally upward 16 times on each side.

Finish – Hydrate

Good work! That’s it for the dumbbell strength training and menu!
Light flexibility exercises.
How do you think? Are your muscles getting fuller and stronger? Make strength training a habit at a pace that is comfortable for you

Carbohydrates that are ingested within 30 minutes after exercise are sent to muscle cells. Protein supplementation is also particularly effective after exercise, so take care of your body with a protein drink after training.


【Take a bath】A 15-minute soak in slightly hot water (41 degrees Celsius) has been reported to boost the immune system.

Inner muscles are called the trunk of the body. Muscle groups that cannot be massaged, such as the iliopsoas, should be warmed and loosened by bathing.

Muscles fight off cancer cells

The glutamine produced by muscles increases the number of lymphocytes, and these lymphocytes eliminate the cancer cells that occur in our bodies every day.

Lymphocytes are responsible for boosting the body’s immune system. It’s the muscles that save the body!

Recommended Dumbbells

I recommend the adjustable type dumbbells that allow you to adjust the weight. If you are a beginner or an adult male, one 10kg or more is better.

It is heavy enough that you can hold one with both hands and perform squats with the kettlebell.



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